Houdini Club Meeting Information

The Houdini Club of Wisconsin was founded in 1938 by three corresponding magical devotees, who wanted to have a state-wide magic club with the potential for an occasional get-together. The club would be linked by means of a newsletter-The Houdini Gram, with periodical distributions and by a yearly get-together. This new club was built on the existing membership of another organization called, The Houdini Club, which was founded in 1915.

Of all the magicians, why name a club after Houdini? It seemed logical to the founders that such a great organization should be named after one of the greatest magicians of all time, Harry Houdini. Harry lived for a time in Appleton, Wisconsin. (Learn more about Harry Houdini)

The Houdini Club has grown and it includes 130 members, mostly throughout Wisconsin as well as fifteen other states and Canada!

The Houdini club is excited to have been having its yearly get together known as the Houdini Club convention since 1938. It's a proud tradition that has brought its members comradery and fun.(Learn more about the Houdini Club Conference)

The 3 primary purposes
of the Houdini Club of WI
  • Promote magic and the kindred arts
  • Perpetuate the name of Harry Houdini
  • Have FUN!

1944 Houdini Club Convention Photo