2017/2018 Houdini Club Board and Appointments

Board of Directors

President: Chuck Arkin

Vice President: Mike Miller

Secretary: Ed Litt

Treasurer: Marshall Philyaw

Board Member: Frank Broder
Board Member: Diana Burger
Board Member: Vince Michuda
Board Member: Jackie Rehbein
Board Member: Mark Martinez
Board Member: Julie Sobanski

Past President: Diane Philyaw


Houdini Gram Editor: Julie Sobanski
Historian: Marshall Philyaw
Legal Advisor: Chuck Arkin
Registered Agent: Diana Burger

Membership Chair: Diane Philyaw 847-546-1970

Convention Chair: Ed Litt 773-252-7855
Convention Talent and Dealer Chair: Chuck Arkin
Convention Stage Manager: Brian LeBoeuf

Facebook: Diana Burger
Good and Welfare: Angie Pugens
Website: Mark Martinez

Youth Group Co-Chair: Diana Burger
Youth Group Co-Chair: Vince Michuda